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Who else wants to build your own guitar with advice from a top luthier?

" How To Build Your Own Guitar With
Step By Step Guides & Illustrations That
Covers Solid-Body, Hollow-Body and
Semi-Acoustic Guitar and Bass ! "

Resource Guide to Martin Koch Building Guitars....

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Over 235 pages with Everything from the first steps of design to the final set-up of of solid-body, hollow-body and semi-acoustic electric guitars is covered step by step in this book.

It contains a section about winding your own pickups and another on active guitar electronics. The last chapter is about visits to Steve Jarman Guitars (UK), Sadowsky Guitars (US) and PRS-Guitars (US

Everything from the first steps of design to the final set-up of of solid-body, hollow-body and semi-acoustic electric guitars is covered step by step in this book. It contains a section about winding your own pickups and another on active guitar electronics.

The last chapter is about visits to Steve Jarman Guitars (UK), Sadowsky Guitars (US) and PRS-Guitars (US)

This Is The Easiest & Fastest Way
To Build Your Own Guitars.

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"...I would like to begin my comments with high praise for your book.

I have read it and re-read it until the binding and cover have fallen to disrepair, and I draw much inspiration and instruction from it.

My teenage sons, who are normally loathe to read books of any sort, are also deeply absorbed in the text and the pictures

.We three have begun planning and building our instruments, drawing deep inspiration from "Building Electric Guitar". And so, I thank you for illuminating our way."

Chris Munschy, USA,
September 1, 2005

"...your material is some of
the best I've ever seen...


" I must say, so far this is the best book I have seen on guitar building - practical, straightforward and helpful.

I will be sending a couple of photo's when I have finished my first effort!"

Thank you for doing this John, you're a saviour!

Gary Thompson,
Jan 7, 2006

Are these guitar builders any different than you? No, they are not. They represent professionals, amateurs, beginners with the same passion and enthusiasm you bring to the table

The only thing they did was to put their doubts aside… and give this course a try. For some of them, it cost several thousand dollars in personal lessons – and was worth every penny.

Now You’re Probably Asking ...How will it help me?

I'll let you be the judge...

Here is the complete table of contents:

General introduction 10
Parts of an electric guitar 10
String frequencies 11
Guitar classics 13

Wood 14
Wood for solid-body guitars 14
Sound characteristics 16
Buying wood 16
Drying wood 18

Hardware 20
Tuners 20
Nuts 22
Bolt-on neck hardware 23
Pickguards 23
Fretwire 23
Bridges 24
Tremolos 25
Other hardware parts needed 27
Strings 28

Guitar electronics 29
Pickups 29
Making your own pickups 38
Magnets 38
Pickup bobbins 39
Wire 39
Strat-style singlecoil bobbin flanges 40
Dimensions of a typical Humbucker 40
Pickup covers 41
Winding pickups 42
Potting pickups 45
Passive circuits 46
Classic circuits 56
Active electronics 58
Shielding 64

Designing the Guitar 66
Scale length 66
Fret distances tables 68
Calculating fret distances 70
Laying out the guitar 71
Design options 72
Truss rods 80
Non-adjustable truss rods 80
Adjustable truss rods 81
Some effects on sound 84
Sustain 85
Design examples 86
Making templates 91

Workshop 92
Tools 93
Power tools 94
Plunge router 94
Router bits 96
Planes 98
Scrapers 99
Sawing tools 100
Sanding tools 100
Japanese Tools 101

Sharpening 102
Alternatives for sharpening 103
Safety 104

Making the body 106
Making a solid body 106
Preparing the body blank 106
Gluing up the body blank 109
Cutting out the body 111
Smoothing the body side 112
Sanding the body 114
Rounding off the edges 115

Making a hollow body 116
Hollowing out the body 116
Making the top 117
Gluing on the top 118
Binding 118

Making a semi-acoustic body 120
Bending the sides 121
Gluing the sides to the block 123
Making the lining 123
Gluing on the lining 124
Gluing on the top and back 125
Routing the binding rabbet 126
Making f-holes 127
Making the neck pocket 127

Making the neck 128
Preparing the neck blank 128
Options for making a angled-back head 129
Making a glued-on peghead 130
Making Trussrods 134
Making a one-way twin-rod system 134
Making a compression truss rod 136
Making the trussrod channel 136
Cutting a straight truss rod channel 137
Making a curved truss rod channel 138
Making the access cavity 139
Gluing up a heel 139
Fitting the truss rod 140
Fitting a truss rod into a one-piece neck 140
Fitting a two-way twin truss rod 141
Fitting the truss rod cover strip 142
Making the peghead 142
Gluing on the peghead veneer 142
Sawing out the peghead shape 143
Fitting a peghead inlay 144
Making the fingerboard 145
Marking the fret positions 145
Making the fret slots 146
Gluing on the fingerboard 148
Routing the neck shape 150
Drilling the tuner holes 151
Shaping a Fender-style peghead 151
Fitting fingerboard dots 153
Fitting side dot markers 154
Radiusing the fingerboard 155
Installing the frets 159
Bending fretwire 159
Fretting 160
Shaping the neck 163

Fitting the neck 166
Routing the neck pocket 166
Mounting an angled-back neck 168
Bolting on the neck 170
Positioning the bridge 171
Fitting a tremolo 172
Making the body cavities 175
Routing the pickup cavities 175
Routing the control cavity 177
Assembling the guitar 178
Mounting the hardware 178
Wiring the electronics 181
Shielding the electronics 183
Preparing for finishing 184
Repairing dents 185
Finish-sanding 185
Staining 186
Filling the grain 187

Finishing 188
Applying oil 188
Applying wax 189
Shellac 190
Synthetic finishing materials 191
Coloring clear finishes 191
Using a brush 192
Varnish 194
Wiped-on varnish 194
My favorate finishing choice 194
Spray finishing 195
Using spray cans 195
Using a spray gun 197
Sanding the finish 198
Several weeks later 199
Polishing the finish 200

Fret dressing 202

Set-up 206
Stringing the guitar 206
Tuning 207
Adjusting the neck relief 208
Setting the string height at the nut 209
Setting the action 210
Adjusting the pickup height 211
Setting the intonation 212
Your self-made guitar 213

Straight-through neck 214
Making a neck-through headless bass 215

A visit to ...
Steve Jarman guitars 220
Sadowsky guitars 224
PRS guitars 226

Literature 231
Suppliers 233
Suppliers mentioned in the book 233
Additional instruction materials 234
Acknowledgements 235

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"...your material is some of
the best I've ever seen...


"...think your material is some of the best that I've ever seen. 

One of your modules really sold me and it was the complete guide to a full guitar setup. The intonation section provided were also invaluable to me

Thanks again for your wonderful work and most of all for sharing your work in such a generous way" 

Jamie Cohen, San Francisco, CA
April 11, 2006

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ISBN 3-901314-07-5
236 pages
229 drawings
642 photos

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